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Bangkok Dental Plus Clinic, Dental in Khao san road Bangkok ThailandBangkok Dental Plus Clinic, Dental in Khao san road Bangkok Thailand - Our dental clinic provides high standard dental care services including General Dentistry, Laser Tooth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthodontic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontic Treatment by dental specialist.
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We use high standard equipments and international protocols for the best quality of treatment.

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: Welcome for Dental Journey to Siam Smile

The Story of Thanon Khaosan,  kao san road The Story of Thanon Khaosan For half century, a 300-meter-long and 20-meter-wide street right in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand, has been changed fromkhao san road, khaosan road In the 60's, the junctional road betaween Chakrabongse Road and Tanao Road. There were a great number of businesses. The most important good was "Khao San" (Uncooked Rice), which became the name of the road. Because people living in this area were wealthy, they could send their kids to study aboard such as U.S.A or European countries. When they graduated, they came home and took their foreign friends to visit Bangkok. Therefore, Their houses were decorated to be houses for guests (Guest House).In addition, there were several places of interest around Khao San Road; for example, The Grand Palace, The Royal Garden, The Temple of Dawn, and so forth, and Khao San Road was the nearest place to stay, so it became very famous area for Bangkok tourists.

Now, Khao San Road has been totally changed. Big gorgeous houses and rice stores have become guest houses, apartments, cozy hotels, restaurants, gift shops, travel agents, and so on. Besides, Khao San Road has also become an important tourist information center of not only Bangkok but Thailand. Many tourists prepare their trips in Thailand from here. Therefore, the jobs Thais living in this area are related to Thailand tourism; selling goods, tourism services, accommodation, visa/immigration services, even stall shops. Tourists can communicate with them in easy English.

I WANT TO SAY HOW WE ARE GRATEFUL! Amazing. After your officials contacted the SSAmany things altered for much better, their bias, their willingness to support, and to beat aevery single piece of it – things got done! thank you!

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If you are a backpacker travelling to Thailand, this is a must place to come to and you can receive a great deal of Thailand tourist information and get ready to travel around Thailand.

Welcome to Khao San Road, one of the place which you will never forget.

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The Vihara of the Reclining Buddha

The Vihara of the Reclining Buddha or Phra Buddhasaiyas (Viharn Phranorn), the building is constructed for containing the important Buddha image, the Reclining Buddha. King Rama III told his nobleman, Krom Muen Pumintarapakdi (Prince Laddawan), the head of department of the Ten Crafts as a construction team leader. After having noulded the image of the Reclining Buddha, the team continued with the hall.The image was made of stuccoed bricks gilded with gold leaves. This statue is 46 metres long, with the dimensions at the face of 15 metres high and at each foot of 3 metres high and 5 metres long.

Museum of Buddhist Scriptures
Besides the Museum of Buddha Images, some parts of the Sala Rai around the Mondob have been allocated to exhibit another collection of Wat Pho's treasures; namely, the palmleaf Tripitaka scriptures and Samut Thai, Thai folded books.

According to Buddhist belief, those who establish the Tripitaka scriptures as an offering to the temple will gain supreme merit because they are taking part in sustainging the doctrine of the Lord Buddha which is composed mainly of 3 divisions know as